Metal Framed Canvas

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Category: Canvas
Code: CN23WF / CN34WF / CN45WF

Metal-framed canvas refers to a type of artwork presentation where a canvas is stretched and mounted onto a metal frame. This framing method provides several benefits as follows:

  • Durability: Metal framed canvas are typically more durable than wooden frames, offering better protection for the artwork.
  • Sleek Appearance:Metal framed canvas provides a sleek and modern appearance, which can complement contemporary artworks or minimalist aesthetics.
  • Lightweight: When considering bigger size canvas then, compared to traditional wooden framed canvas, metal framed canvas are usually lighter, making them easier to handle and hang
  • Variety of Finishes:Metal frames come in a variety of finishes, including brushed aluminum, matte black, or polished chrome, offering options to match the style of the artwork and the surrounding decor.
  • Stability:Metal frames provide stability to the canvas, preventing warping or sagging over time. Overall, metal-framed canvas is a popular choice for artists and art enthusiasts looking for a contemporary and durable framing solution for their artwork.
  • Size 3 ft X 2 ft
    4 ft X 3 ft
    5 ft X 4 ft
  • Material Wooden Marine Ply, Aluminium Metal Frame, Metal Fastners ,Canvas Fabric
  • Weight 6 kgs - 54 kgs