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Hello, I'm an Automotive Design Engineer, passionate about blending aesthetics with functionality, having worked with several core Automotive companies throughout my career which are considered as the pioneers in technology and innovation worldwide.

My expertise lies in conceptualizing and developing innovative designs that push the boundaries of automotive engineering and Design. From sketching initial concepts to utilizing advanced CAD software for detailed modelling, With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of automotive trends and consumer preferences.

In order to share my knowledge and experience with you all, I Sahil Panchal present you “Scale and Design” . A platform where

“Art meets the artist
Hobby meets the Hobbyist
Collector meets the collection
Creativity meets Innovation”

Our main aim will be to share the joy of enjoying the world of Automobile via a medium of Artform and help collectors from entry level to serious one’s to get a piece of this iconic automotive cluster for themselves. Me and my team will help you with a tailormade experience to create a specially customized Artwork which you can enjoy as well as adore it on the walls of your home or your work desk.

Sahil Panchal Founder / CEO